Yue Mouth, or YC, was a great 21-year-dated

Yue Mouth, or YC, was a great 21-year-dated

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tissues scholar former architecture student, struggling artist, and jewellery maker with an unnatural obsession with Bert from Sesame Street. She is the main author of Black Jettas: Diary of the Drama Queens, which has been in operation since March this year. Originally from KL, but now a resident in Melbourne, YC writes a typical girly blog on life, fashion, arts, and her somewhat complicated long-distance relationship.

Black colored Jettas often focus primarily to help you lady clients who can connect in order to YC’s feel, or at least, express this lady fantastic taste in vogue. Including here are a few the girl set of incredible homemade accessories within Black colored Jettas Framework. They may pricing a supply, a foot and you may very first-born into average earnings earner, but the proven fact that she’s offered a couple of him or her need indicate they have been value every cent they are covered.

“I do believe I do want to move into the latest playground. Am loving they! Nothing can beat a lazy warm week-end in the playground having a good a beneficial book and you can an adorable psycho canine. … Sigh. Here’s what I shall miss very while i return to KL. Imagine lying-in brand new playground having Luna unleashed in the Malaysia. I’ll be barbequed aliveby the weather, maybe robbed, raped and you will killed. Luna could be take to from the MPPJ/ DBKL. Twice sigh.”

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It will require lots of nerve to have a man that have testicle the dimensions of coconuts in order to acknowledge that it, but I’m keen on Audrey Ooi’s site. An enormous fan, in fact. Of one’s five stuff I needed here now, Audrey’s blog is the only one I’ve continuously understand ever since I came across it about last year. The latest weird thing is actually I do not know as to why I’m so dependent on such as for instance good cutesy pinkish nothing site because of the a tiny nothing 20-year-old girl out-of Subang Jaya their studies at Mt Holyoke, Massachussets. Perhaps its this lady freakin’ great sense from humour, maybe the her occasional bitchiness, perhaps the just how cute she appears when you look at the a good Japanese kimono.

Audrey’s blogs are named *fourfeetnine*, which in case you’re questioning, was the girl peak and the way to obtain many humorous events. Its not just her comedy entries, it can help that she has camwhoring tendencies that make her records constantly energizing and always an appealing understand. Get activities for: Calling the lady father “Body weight The woman Ooi”. Dump circumstances getting: Breaking the new Blogskin Sins. Blasphemy! Excerpt:

“Angela ran away, following ran for the and you will pulled me and Yen out on hall. And in addition we heard: “OH… OHH… OOH…..” (at the 10000 decibels) People having sexual intercourse. Us merely stood around because nevertheless due to the fact lizards additional the doorway out of whoever try obtaining the duration of the lady lifetime (and you can need folk understand they) and you can heard the groans/moans/screams/whines. All hands was clapped more than mouths to get rid of giggles/cries from disgust. Following Lucia happens running-down the fresh hallway about us, shouting “What makes she here! Whom delivered the woman for the!? She must not be right here! Somebody grab her away today!” Angela said, “Just what? Who’re your these are?” Lucia continues on for the an agitated trend, “The kid! She’ll end up being traumatised from it! I’m providing their away today!” She holds myself by the shoulders. I turnaround and you will stare on the woman, puzzled. She stares at myself to have an additional and you will claims, “Oh! Audrey it’s your! I thought you used to be a six-yr old kid or something!” “……….. ” She fcuking think I was a six year old lady! I’d like to pass away, let me simply die.”


Do not go to Laineylashes unless you has a good broadband union otherwise their modem are likely to crash and you will burn. The pictures on her behalf web log bring many years in order to stream, however, their really worth the wait I share with ya. I know regarding the step three Elaines who happen to be active bloggers at this time and all of step three of those was sexy as screw. I don’t know if their coincidence otherwise a goodness-considering algorithm that in case their name is Elaine while blogs, then you certainly must be hot. When the discover people Elaines online who wish to assist me personally inside my uhh… *cough* look, pop myself an age-post or something like that. ??

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