I hope my PayPal account does not get suspended because I use PayPal like a second bank account

I hope my PayPal account does not get suspended because I use PayPal like a second bank account

Don’t invest into this site, they are not legal and have been around for awhile. They used to be and They get shut down a lot and then restart a new site. Your funds will be reversed from your paypal account and paypal might suspend or shut down your account for fraudulent activity. I was lucky enough to try their site when their e-gold account was suspended and so I didn’t lose any money. Here’s a review of their old site from someone who wasn’t as fortunate as I was.

Bobby, I do have messenger… but I’m working on a website for a client right now so I don’t have the time to have a constant talk but I will keep this site open to respond to comments

Caleb: Thanks for that link, it’s exactly what I was hoping to find. For those that don’t want to bother reading it, the basic idea is that they send you money from stolen paypal accounts then reverse the funds after you’ve already invested more. They appear to lead you on for a day or two, which explains Chad’s experience, but then they reverse all the funds and you’re left owing money.

Wow. Thank you so much everyone. I am glad that you posted that link at ripoffreport. Well, the first date I used dblcash was on the 24th (last Mon.) and the last date was on the 25th. So it has been a whole week since my first return and I haven’t heard from PayPal or nor have any funds been reversed. All the money is still there. So, what my plan of action is… to change my main e-mail addy on the account and remove that entirely. Maybe that way when he tries to get a reversal, he won’t be able to because the e-mail is not registered. I don’t know if that will work but it is the only chance I have. I really don’t want to contact PayPal because I don’t want to be, “the source to the problem” and have my account suspended. So, hopefully this will work and I will continue to keep you updated.

Thanks Dan! for your link, but about the reverse money, you said that you have receive money from more than one email of paypal sender, but here, in my situation, I receive the money from one Sender, and I have made my second payment, and I still receive the amount of the same sender.

And, if I knew who’s money it really was (if it was indeed stolen), I would return it all

All of my payments were also from the same sender… however, he could have just hi-jacked an account that had a lot of money.

Unlike Bobby, I wouldn’t recommend investing into this program because it is apparently a scam. Even if the money never gets reversed, it is still a scam. The math shows the proof.

WoW! I really don’t know anything about that… I didn’t know about stolen money… I think I will stop using them now…

Hey Chad, I saw your replying the message so fast, do you have MSN Messenger? If so, add me: [email protected]

OK! I don’t really understand about REVERSE money… If the money was send from the same sender and Paypal is secure transaction, how could they stole money.

I would just hang on to it and not spend it… possibly change your primary account e-mail address. According to PayPal, reversals can be done up to 60 days after the transaction.

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