She usually yearned for something similar to a family group, getting incapable of creating equal and you will important relationship due to the fact Handle Demon

She usually yearned for something similar to a family group, getting incapable of creating equal and you will important relationship due to the fact Handle Demon

Makima is a severe fan off Chainsaw Kid, the newest “Hero from Heck”. Fascinated by being able to get rid of brand new embodied idea of a demon courtesy sipping him or her, the girl mentioned purpose should be to render Chainsaw Man lower than their control so you can explore the abilities to produce an amazing industry instead of anxiety, passing, and you will “bad” video clips. However, inability is even appropriate, because it will mean getting ate-a keen honor considering her.


The newest Chainsaw Demon is perhaps the only individual Makima has actually ever revealed legitimate attract or love towards. Additionally, Pochita is amongst the just those who she cannot faith as underneath this lady because of their legendary standing and strength.

Very deep is Makima’s fancy to possess Pochita one she conceived a keen involved want to break Pochita’s contract with Denji of the emotionally breaking Denji’s soul and force him to give up into their goals. She desired to beat Chainsaw Guy to own the girl submit to him, but Makima admitted one to she’d feel okay if her plan were not successful and you will she is actually consumed because of the Pochita, viewing it as an enthusiastic prize. Which demonstrates how strong their really love and you will admiration having Pochita went.

But not, in spite of the lady determination into Chainsaw Man, it’s obvious that she knows nothing regarding the Pochita’s real character. As an instance, whenever encountering Pochita within graveyard, she’s incapable of knowing it was your and you will takes on Denji restored handle. Throughout their endeavor, she mocks “Denji” to have not acting chaotically as the Chainsaw Child will be, trusting Denji cannot learn Chainsaw Kid at all and this he try at random selected by the Pochita. She doesn’t realize that the brand new package produced between Pochita and you may Denji is made of legitimate affection and you will appreciation getting that which you Denji got done for Pochita, and therefore instead of the crazy monster one to hunts down Devils from inside the Hell, Pochita merely wanted to understand comfort to be accepted of the someone.


Whenever Denji very first satisfied Makima, she try instantly used from the the woman beauty and her generosity on Denji. 1st, Makima appeared to be extremely large towards the Denji, providing your a career because a devil Huntsman, enabling him accept Power and you will Aki to create a familial bond together with them, and you can allowing your to have some minimal freedom. She would often remain Denji during the-line that with guarantees out-of sexual satisfaction, spending some time by yourself together with her, or visiting the videos.

However, she implies that she’d concocted a complicated plan to offer Denji joy merely to later on plunge your into the despair so you’re able to split the brand new package Denji got created using Pochita and provide Pochita command over their muscles once more. This shows you to definitely Makima had never ever after kept any love or sentiment into Denji, only watching your as the a hurdle within her way of getting so you can escort Lancaster Pochita and you will who had been unworthy of being Pochita’s vessel. The woman utter withdrawal from your was shown by the simple fact that she had never ever immediately following memorized Denji’s scent even after for hours that they had spent along with her, a mistake and that allowed Denji to surprise her once however starred inactive on the graveyard.

Makima did actually regard Aki’s judgement and you can performance, assigning your to control Denji and you can Strength in the flat once the she respected him over others. In turn, Aki seriously admired and respected Makima, creating almost any she said and you may after the this lady sales without a doubt. However, Makima mercilessly utilized this lady energies to make Aki to be the woman servant shortly after he begged this lady to store Denji and you can Fuel, demonstrating you to she regarded him, instance everyone otherwise, since a great pawn to use because the she need.

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